Newsletter 2019


Annual 2019

Chairman – Richard Turner

Spiders Cottage


Clerk/RFO – Mrs Karen Crowhurst

Parish Council Office, Ringmer Village Hall, Lewes Road, , BN8 5QH

Tel: 01273 813242 Email:


This year’s Annual Parish Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday 6th June 2019

7.30pm Jack Hart Hall

There will be short presentations by

Liz Owen – Ringmer Library and Max Pengelley Ringmer Community Land Trust


Looking back over the newsletter for last Spring many of the points made are still relevant. It has been another very busy year for Ringmer Parish Council and our officers. There will be reports from the Chairmen of Planning and Greens/Amenities which show how busy both these committees have been.

First of all, on a personal note, I would like to pay tribute to Martin Whitlock, who was our Chairman until August. Many thanks are due to him for all his hard work for the village over the years.

We have just completed this Council’s four-year term and thanks are due to all Councillors for their commitment to the village. A new Council has been duly elected for the next 4 year administration term. See below.

Thanks go to our District Councillors, Richard Turner, Peter Gardiner and Johnny Denis who have represented our village at district level and kept a careful watching brief on the progress of development in the village. Cllr Philip Daniel, our County Councillor keeps us well-briefed on the work of East Sussex County Council for which we are grateful. Peter Gardiner has now retired, and new District Councillors have been elected for Ringmer.

There have been a number of initiatives this year. You will have seen a new noticeboard on the green and a more prominent sign indicating where the Parish Office is situated. The Chair of Greens/Amenities will report on others.

This year grants have been awarded to Ringmer Community Library, Ringmer Primary School – books for leavers, Victim Support, Kent/Sussex Air Ambulance, the Ringmer History Group, Ringmer Women’s Institute.

We were delighted to be able to help the Community Library Committee in their efforts to continue library services in the Ringmer. The enterprise has been a great success – thanks particularly to Liz Owen and the Village Hall Management Committee.

As you know, because we have a Neighbourhood Plan, we are able to access a higher proportion of the Community Infrastructure Levy which developers pay when they are given permission to build.

Having completed the Neighbourhood Plan in 2015 with adoption in 2016 the time has arrived to consider any modifications needed. The current Steering Group has been going through the plan to see what minor modifications can be made before the end of this Council. Further amendments will be considered by the new Council elected in May when a new Steering Group has been appointed.

All Councillors are very grateful for the help and guidance of our officers, Mrs Karen Crowhurst and Mrs Corinna Goward. There is a great deal of work which goes on behind the scenes to keep our village a functioning and safe place in which to live.

Many issues are the responsibility of Lewes District Council or East Sussex County Council both of which are experiencing severe budget cuts. Ever increasing traffic through the village is of great concern for the Parish Council. We rely heavily on the knowledge and expertise of East Sussex County Council especially Highways – any particular issues should be addressed to the relevant authority. The Parish Council and our officers make every effort to keep services running on our own limited budget.


Your new Parish Council has been elected, the election was uncontested, therefore there was no need to hold a full election. The new membership is listed at the bottom of this newsletter. 12 Councillors were elected which means there is one vacancy, this will be filled by Co-option at the Parish Council Meeting scheduled for 13th June. If you are interested in becoming a Councillor, please contact the clerk who will guide you through the process.


The Parish Council worked extremely hard to acquire a flashing speed sign at Stephens Close. Unfortunately, the Parish Council were not granted a licence by East Sussex Highways as the speed data and crash statistics were not sufficient for a licence to be issued. Speeding through the Village is an ongoing priority for Ringmer Parish Council.


For December the committee felt that a Christmas tree on the green would look festive and we have received many positive comments. This will now be an annual event. Volunteers organised carols round a bonfire which was a great success and raised money for good causes.

We hope that this also will be held again next year. 2018 being the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the First World War it was decided to purchase a commemorative bench to place near the memorial in tribute.

We are currently arranging for various tree works and pond works to be carried out to improve the look and quality of the pond. Several dead fish have been seen lately, we believe that this may be the work of our resident heron, but we will continue to monitor the situation in case there is a need to reduce the fish population.


Ringmer Parish Council has 3 vacant allotment plots. If you would like an allotment. Please contact our Assistant Clerk – Corinna Goward as the details at the top of this newsletter.



After 15 years of false starts Planning Permission has just been granted to develop the Ringmer Football Club's Caburn Field alongside some of Lewes District Councils own land on Anchor Field. This will provide a total of 77 two, three- and four-bedroom homes. 30% will be affordable or for rent, and there will be 10 market flats. A significant proportion of the homes will be built to "Lifetime " standard, offering easy access for the elderly. Since permission has been granted there has been an amendment to the affordable housing element of the application the figure of which has bee reduced by 12.

The housing developer will also construct a new all-weather football pitch and clubhouse at the Academy for all year use by the Football Club, school and other village sports teams. It is due for completion before the autumn. The developer will also relocate the rifle range to Cheney Field and a new home is to be found for the skateboard park.

In general, enforcement of Planning conditions has also been an issue. Construction of new homes by Bovis and Cala and at Sunnymede has created concern over boundaries, dirt and traffic management. Lewes District Council are the enforcement authority, but they need evidence of contraventions.


The Council’s financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March and the bulk of its annual income comes from the precept; a sum included in Council Tax.

The total request for precept for 2019 – 2020 including the grant from the District Council is £91, 466.

Parish Council agreed to pay for 4 additional cuts to urban verges this year after the loss of cuts made by East Sussex Highways Department.

The Parish Council will be in receipt of CIL funds in the next coming year. The budget has been set and there is some grant funding available for organisations/groups who are active in Ringmer. Application forms and our new grant policy can be obtained via the Clerk and on the Parish Council Website.


Chairman Richard Turner – Spiders Cottage Glynde; Vice Chair: Jenny Hill – 39 The Forges. Chair of Greens & Amenities Committee: Ron Wilcox – 5 Gote Lane. Vice Chair of Greens & Amenities Committee: To be confirmed Chair of Planning Committee: To be confirmed

Mandy Brown – Orchard House, Neaves Lane * Cllr Richard Booth – The Old Cottage Lewes Road* Margaret Crompton – 3A, The Holdings * Johnny Denis – Lake Cottage, Moor Lane * Clare Herbert * John Kay - Fair Meadow, Rushey Green * Gavin May – Shelley’s Gote Lane* Cllr David Terry – 4 Norlington Court * Cllr Julie Terry - 4 Norlington Court